E = Emcee squared

I’ve recently come to realize that I’ve emcee’d a lot of weddings.  This is in no particular order:

Biju and Anitha’s wedding with Sheena


My cousin Ansu’s wedding in Atlanta.  My co-MC was my other cousin Sherry, but she left me hanging! (since I don’t have a pic of me actually with a mic, here’s one with my dad and brother from that wedding)


Bobin and Alphie’s wedding.  This one was a long time ago, but I believe I MC’d with Joyce.


Jebin and Michelle’s wedding with Anup.


Job and Ashruthi’s wedding


Merin and Jaison’s wedding with Anup again.


Sarath and Sharon’s wedding with Jane.


Togy and Joanna’s wedding with Sheena.


I couldn’t find pictures, but I know I also co-emcee’d Noble/Jomy’s wedding with Josh and Subin/Ancy’s wedding with Dudley.

The most recent emceeing event was Sarah’s wedding in the south of France.

Can you spot a running theme?  I wear the same suit to every wedding (except for one, because that was before I got the gray suit)…  You know what is more ridiculous?  I have a ton of suits!  Literally, I have around 10 suits!

I really enjoy getting to emcee weddings (or any event for that matter).  It’s just fun to be a part of weddings/events in that regard.  It’s also just fun being behind a mic!  I don’t know why… I just like it.  So I cherish the opportunities!  Thanks to all the couples that let me play a role in their big day!

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