Weekend Review [June 10th, 2017]

This weekend was chill but busy.  On Friday, I mowed the lawn.  Shane came over so the whole crew went to the park.

I’ve been using a new edger/week wacker for a while, so I made a quick video about it!

The right tools make any job sooo much easier!

On Saturday we went to Nissa’s 5th birthday party.  It was a ton of fun!  It’s always great seeing friends!

Here’s a quick highlight video:

After the birthday party, we chilled at home for a bit, then we headed to our friends house for Layla and Ezra to have a play date.  Layla has a really good friend since she was 1 year old.  We don’t get to see her on a regular basis, but we got a chance to hang over the weekend.  They played dress up.

Aubrey’s lil bro jumped in the pic as well.  Ezzy was too busy playing with Aaron’s Paw Patrol toys to be bothered with the picture!

They found some jewelry too and wanted to show it off!

Sunday we did our usual (Church then HEB) and then we chilled at the house.  I took the kids out for a hair cut (for Ezzy) and then we visited my folks.  After that, we did a quick ice cream stop at Subzero Ice Cream.

Fun times!  Overall a very fun weekend!

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