Father’s Day Weekend [June 17th, 2017]

This weekend was jam packed!  One of the many things was a trip to the Children’s Museum with some friends!

That was Saturday, let me start at the beginning.  On Friday morning, I took the kids to school for a “Danishes with Daddy” day.

I made a quick movie.  Check it out!

Fun times!  That evening we had our monthly bible study with friends.  We always start off with a meal.  This time was chicken curry with chapati!  It was AMAZING!  Paul and Amy hosted and it was a really fun time!

Dudley did a great job sharing the message.

On Saturday, Sheena had to work, so I took the kids to the Children’s Museum.

Our friend Silky organized it and got us in.  It was fun to get all the kids together.

There was a “phone” exhibit.  The kids had no idea what a pay phone was!  I explained that payphones were used when my parents would page me, I would have to pull over, find a payphone, put in 25 cents and call them back to tell them I was on my way.  Then I gave an example of what I looked like while I was on the payphone (usually in a not-so-great area) while my Dad would yell at me for still being out so late:

(photo credit:  Pratik Patel).  The kids lost interest after I said “my parents would page me”.

After checking things out inside, we headed outside to see the water features and enjoy some Popsicle.

Afterwards, we walked over the a taco shop and had lunch.

I made a quick movie of the fun.  Check it out!

Later that evening, we headed to Sugar Land Town Square for dinner.  A new spot opened up called Bacon Bros Public House.  Anything with bacon sounds amazing, so we had to check it out!

The food was pretty good!  The service was pretty slow, but the waiter was super nice.  I’d go back again.  After dinner, we walked around town square.  They had an “American Idol” type of contest going on, so we stopped and listened for a bit.

After going to Nissa’s birthday party, Sheena has been obsessed with trampolines.  “The Smart Trampoline” had a set up at the square.  Since we ate, we didn’t jump, but we were tempted!

For dessert, we headed to Marble Slab for some ice cream.

On Sunday morning, I woke up to Layla calling me for breakfast.  Sheena made bacon, eggs, fruit and chai.  It was great!  You’ll note in the pic below that Layla wrote up the menu.

After breakfast, we did our usual Sunday routine (church and HEB).  Later that evening, we headed to my parent’s house for dinner.

The kids went out back to check out Mom and Dad’s garden (and blow bubbles).

Here’s Dad and Ezzy picking some veggies.

We haven’t had a family picture with Dean in there, so here’s the best we could take.  It’s hard with the little ones!

Mom and Shane joined us too!

Overall a pretty fun weekend!

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