Weekend Review [July 15th, 2017]

This weekend my folks asked if Layla and Ezra wanted to spend the night at their house Friday night.  Before they could hang up the phone, we were already there!  We slowed the car down to about 10mph and pushed the kids out and drove off to a quick date night.  (BTW, I’m joking.  We totally walked them into the house… don’t call CPS!).

These type of burgers make me wanna start up Burger Committee again!  Sooo good!

On Saturday, I had to deal with some rental property stuff and Sheena had to work.  Afterwards, we scooped up the kids and kicked it at the house.  Later that evening we were supposed to have a church event, but the rain canceled that out.  Here’s a quick video of what we did.

We’re hoping to do the Ice Cream social in the near future.

On Sunday, we went to church, but instead of our usual (going to HEB), we went to our friends Tim and Jess’ house to see Sherene!  She was in town and this would be our best chance to see her, so we broke up the schedule to make it happen.  While there, Layla found the puppet, Banana Foster, so she played with him.

The kids loved playing with Oliver too!  It was fun times!  We chatted about random things, but I was harping on Sherene to start her vlog!  She has such an interesting life and it should be shared!  Hopefully soon, she’ll share at least a glimpse of it!  I was soo caught up in trying to get her to start a vlog that I forgot to snap a pic of the group.  I’m a loser.

After that, we headed to my parent’s house for lunch.  A bunch of family came to town for a conference, so my folks invited everyone over.  It was great to see the fam!

Here’s Tim, Alvin, and Praisy gawking over baby Dean!

After lunch we headed to HEB to get back on schedule.  The kids were getting super tired, so we quickly came home to chill.  Later that evening, Lisa, Matt, Ari and Julio came over for a visit!

We tried to do a fun “jump” pic, but it was unsuccessful.  Maybe next time.

Overall a pretty fun weekend!

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