Weekend Review [July 29th, 2017]

This weekend was burning hot!  On Friday, a group from our church got together and did a thing called Neighborhood Life.  Its where neighbors could meet each other and just hang out over pizza and ice cream.  It was a success!  We estimated over 100 people came out.

Here’s a quick video of it.

Saturday we hung out at the house in the morning.  Around lunch time we headed out to Jesse’s birthday party.  Our friends Siju and Sheena hosted a party for their baby boy.  It was good times.  Here’s a quick recap of it:

We all had a great time.  Later that day we made a last minute decision to go to the Sharon Conference.  It was in Pearland so we got the kids dressed and headed out.

We didn’t hang out for too long.  The kids were getting tired so we headed home.

The night was still young so I headed to Pokie’s house for some burgers and hotdogs.  Good times!

Sunday morning we did our usual.  Headed to church and then HEB.

After church, we all needed a nap.  So we did.

Overall a pretty solid weekend!

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