Weekend Review [Sept 9th, 2017]

This weekend was pretty relaxed for me (not so much for Sheena). Since the flood, she’s been super busy at work dealing with disaster relief.  With that, Saturday I was on Daddy Duty!  We did a bunch of things!  We played with play dough, Layla gave a bike lesson while Ezzy played in the background,

Ezzy had a gift card for Toys-R-Us, so we did some shopping,

… and then we kicked it at the house.  Here’s a quick video of Saturday.

On Sunday, we went to church (the late service, which isn’t our usual but we woke up late and that’s life!).  After church we had a quick lunch and headed to Wes’ house to see our newest nephew, Daniel!

Cute, right?!  While we were gawking over the baby, the other kids were playing dress-up.

Cute again, right?!

Here’s another pic of Daniel.  All baby’s do is sleep! I forgot about that!

Our regular Sunday schedule was a bit thrown off, so we just kicked it for the rest of the day.  Overall a pretty solid weekend.  The weather has been really great lately (I’m sure it in connection to the Hurricane and all that jazz), but it’s been nice, so just trying to figure out more reasons to be outside.

Hope all is well, especially those that are recovering from Hurricane Harvey and also those that are prepping/dealing with Hurricane Irma in Florida.  Thoughts and prayers to all.

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