Weekend Review [Sept 16th, 2017]

This weekend was Layla’s birthday weekend! Her actual birthday was on Friday.  We sent her to school with some cookies to share with her class.  Apparently for each kid’s birthday, the teacher sprays them with silly string.  Layla was super amped up about that!

Friday evening was our turn to host The Gathering (the bible study we’re a part of).  So it sorta worked out to be a bible study/birthday party for Layla… sort of.  We basically had our regular bible study and then had birthday cake afterwards.

Sheena bought a cake from HEB, but Layla and Sheena also made a cake as well (see the yellow/gold cake to the side).  Sheena has made it a tradition to bake a cake for the kid’s birthdays.  They enjoy being a part of the baking process.

Saturday morning, Sheena went off to work, so the kids and I had Shipley’s Donuts for breakfast.

We went to Blesson’s house for a little bit as well.  The kids dressed up as superheros.

Dad felt left out of the superhero party, so he “dressed up” as well.

For Layla’s birthday, we went to Toys-R-Us and I let her pick out a gift that she would like.  She really enjoyed the process of going out and picking something, but she was pretty quick to actually pick it out.  I let Ezzy get a small gift too.  That boy took FOREVER picking something out.  But it was super cute watching him decide!

After our outing, we came back home and had lunch.

Remember the cake Sheena and Layla made?  Here’s what’s left of it.  It’s really good!

After some quiet time, the kids got up and started playing with their new toys.  Layla got some dress-up costumes and Ezzy got another Paw Patrol toy.

On Sunday, Mom and Dad hosted a small birthday party for Layla.  Check out the cake they bought!  It was off the chain!

Here’s Shane and Brucey fighting over a toy to play with.  Brucey won.

After the party, we headed home.  Sheena and the kids settled in and I along with Earl went off to help a friend with their home.  The flood damage is still around in Houston, so there are a lot of peeps that still need help with clean up and re-building.  It’s pretty crazy to see, but progress is definitely being made.

Overall it was a pretty solid weekend!

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