Birthday Weekend 2017!

This week was my birthday. Thanks to all my family and friends for making me feel soooo special! You guys rock!

Here’s a cake the Sheena drew for me!

She also grilled up a steak for me!

And bought cupcakes for me!

One’s bitten and two are missing… do you know why?…. this is why.

Surprisingly enough, the cupcake wasn’t the first cake I ate that day.  My co-worker, Brian bought Treebeards famous yellow cake with chocolate icing.

It was off the chain!  (Thanks Brian!).  Fun note, he rides his bike to work, so we call him Bicycle Brian around the office.  He loves that nickname.

It was an eventful week/weekend!  I made a few videos to document it all.

Here’s one about vehicles:

On Saturday morning, we headed to the zoo.

Here’s some pics from the zoo trip.

Lots of fun!  Later that evening, we went to Blesson’s house for a potluck/birthday party for me!  Sheena made the following video!

The kids danced the night away.

It was a fun time!  On Sunday, we did our usual.  Went to church and hit up HEB, but for lunch we had the family over.  We ordered from Grand India Kitchen.  Delicious! So good in fact that I forgot to snap any pics!  (I’m a loser… sorry).

Overall a pretty awesome week/weekend!  Again, thanks for all the bday love!  You guys are awesome!

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