Weekend Review [Oct. 7th, 2017]

This weekend we kicked it.  Ezzy found one of his birthday gifts (a Paw Patrol backpack water gun) and wanted to use it, so we made it happen.

Friday, we did a last minute double date with Lisa and Matt.  We went to Hugo’s and ate crickets…

But then we moved on to nicer food.

Saturday, we scooped up the kids from Mom and Dad’s house and headed to Sonic for lunch.

Wasn’t the best food in the world, but it got the job done.

Later that evening, we headed to Manju and Cyndi’s place for dinner.  We brought over some Singapore Cafe, which turned out to be a hit!  We already love that place, but rolled the dice on if the Mani Fam would.  After dinner, Manju, the kids and I headed to Marble Slab for dessert.

Don’t worry, we brought ice cream back for Cyndi and Sheena.  While we were at the Mani House, Dudley, Betsey, Jeremiah, and Boby stopped by as well!  They were next door visiting another friend.  Always fun to see them!

Sunday, after church I took to kids for a hair cut while Sheena did the grocery shopping.  Then we quickly headed to Sharon Church for Thomaskutty Uncle’s 70th Birthday party.

The kids had fun on the stage while we ate.

Afterwards, we just headed home and chilled.  Basically got things ready for the week.  I did a bit of cleaning in the garage while the kids played in the driveway, but other than that, it was pretty chill.

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