Weekend Review [Oct. 1st, 2017]

This weekend was pretty relaxed. No major plans and nothing crazy had to be done.  Friday night we went to Guru Burger for dinner.  Then we roamed around the Town Square.  Layla wanted a picture with the “selfie girls”.

Saturday we did some cleaning.  Shane came over and played with the kids.  They put together a puzzle.

Then we headed to Singapore Cafe for lunch.  Soooo good!

On the way home, we stopped by Orange Leaf for some fro-yo.

Sunday we went to Church and then HEB, but then we headed back to church to witness 15 member get baptized.  I didn’t get to snap a pic, but it was pretty great to see!

Later that day we headed to the Woodlands.  Our cousin Justin got an apartment out there, so we wanted to visit.  Ezzy took over Justin’s room and made himself very comfortable.

Overall a pretty fun weekend.

On another note, Pokie is infamous for knowing what everyone is doing without anyone telling him.  He’s what I call a “Snapchat Detective”.  Some may say “troll”, but he’s my friend, so I’ll stick with “detective”.  Sunday night, I get this group text between Janie, Pokie and myself:

The cat picture was actually a GIF of the cat shaking its head “no”.

In an effort to talk about Janie in this blog, a few years ago, we did a co-birthday party at Oyster Creek Park.  Read about it here!

It was a lot of fun!  We talked about doing it again this year, but timing and lack of planning (on my part) stopped it from happening.  If you think it’d be fun to just get together like last time, comment below (on the blog or via Facebook, whichever avenue you’re reading this), and if there’s enough interest, we’ll try to make it happen again!

Have a great week!

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