Weekend Review [Oct 28th, 2017]

This weekend was jam packed!  On Friday we made it a “treat yo-self” day, so we went to Smallcakes for dessert after dinner.

The Astros played and won on Friday night as well!  Lets talk about this a bit.  I’m not a big sports guy.  I really never have been, but if I have to pick teams to get behind, I always pick Houston teams.  Baseball in particular is not a fun game to watch.  It feels like you’re waiting forever for something to happen.  Unlike Football or Basketball, its a very slow paced game.  With that said, I am having a great time watching the Astros play!  I don’t know what it is!  It’s just been really fun, even though it’s been a roller-coaster ride of emotions watching the games!  Maybe it’s because the Astros made it to the World Series?  Maybe something clicked and now I’m a huge fan (doubt that)… who knows.  Either way, its a ton of fun to watch and chat with peeps about it during and after each game!

Saturday morning, I mulched the flower garden and then we all went to Ezra’s school’s Fall Festival.  It turned out to be pretty fun!

Check out the video I made of Friday and Saturday.

On Sunday, we did our usual.  Went to church, went to HEB, had lunch, then visited Sheena’s mom for a bit.  At church that morning, the kids choir sang for the main service, which was pretty nice.  Later that day we headed to our church again for Trunk R Treat.  Its a great alternative to Trick or Treating (although we’ll still be walking the street on Halloween).  Turned out to be pretty fun!

Check out the video I made of Sunday.

Of course Game 5 was on Sunday as well.  WHAT A GAME!  We started watching it at dinner and I finished it off “whisper screaming” at home because Sheena and the kids were asleep at 1am.  I can’t believe all of the ups and downs!  It was painful to stay up that late, but well worth it!  Overall a pretty fun weekend!

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