A slow weekend

Nothing eventful happend this weekend.  But on January 7th, 30plus years ago, something amazing happend….  Jaison “Pokie” Joshua was born!

I usually don’t write a post about someone’s birthday, but this guy is different.  Not only is he one of my closest friends, but he is pretty much everyone’s closest friends.  He’s closer to my friends that I’ve known since childhood.  Aaron (my friend from the Northside) told me that Pokie would text him on his birthday just to wish him a happy birthday!  Pokie has probably interacted with Aaron a handful of times, yet he still takes time out of his day to make him feel special.

And with that… this post is for you Pokie.

Remember when you and Lisa took this pic at my picnic bday party?

or this pic from Bogies?

Or this pic from Pooja’s wedding?  We were sorta matching and we didn’t even plan it!  The dude in the back ground is speechless on the view of our glowing friendship!

Or this shot of you and Sheena when we ate sushi outside of Sienna Plantation…

Remember when you and I were trying to take a pic together and Lisa ruined it by getting in between us?

And then that time at Jobbins’s house when Boby ruined the pic by getting in between us…

Or that time we looked awesome in our helmets while we rode our bikes on the Tour de Pink in College Station…

Here’s a shot of you’re loving wife, Julie kissing your freshly shined head at a prior birthday party.

Here’s a pic of us in Sugar Land Town Square.  I forgot the name of this sushi spot, but it ain’t there anymore!

Or what about the time I was MCing Jebin’s wedding and you brought me home because Sheena had to leave early with the kids.  What a great friend!

IPC’s VBS and you’re front and center to volunteer.

Here’s an old school pic of you and Blesson leading something during camp for LWCC.

Here’s an even older pic when we were painting a room at CAH!

Remember that time you got a six pack for Blesson’s wedding?  That was amazing!

Here’s another old school one.  This one’s in Florida before we went our cruise.

Pokie, you’re the best.  Happy Birthday man!

If you’re reading this and you know Pokie, shoot him a text.  Or give him a call.  I’m pretty sure he’s already done it for you!

2 Replies to “A slow weekend”

  1. Hey buddy, thank you so much for writing this. Really nice of you…. Is this in-place of buying me a present? (j/k)

    Again, thank you.

    Love you buddy – Pokie


  2. Buddy, you are the best Pokie!! We love you so much!! I agree with your friend. Sometimes you remind me that it’s my birthday!!


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