Weekend Review [January 27th, 2018]

This weekend was very busy.  Jolly’s family came in to town from Florida due to her uncle’s funeral.  Our friend Jobbins’ father had passed away.  He was a well known man in our community and with that, many people came out for the wake services and funeral.  As expected, it was a very sad time, but a great opportunity to hear and reflect on all of the great things Bai Uncle has done.  We were able to attend the wake services on Thursday and Friday, but couldn’t make it to the actual funeral.

On Saturday at noon, we headed to the Heights to celebrate Eric and Kristen’s baby girl’s first birthday!  Kristen did an amazing job at putting the party together.  Check out the video I made of it:

Amazing, right?!  Even though the rain was coming down periodically, it was still a great party!  We had a blast!

On Sunday, we did our usual (church, then HEB).  Sheena had to attend a meeting, so the kids and I joined my folks, Blesson, Jolly and a Jolly’s parents & sister for lunch at Luby’s.  Here’s Dad with the kiddos.

Bruce found a balloon so the kids made a playground of Luby’s.

Shibu joined us as well and he snapped a pic of all of us (thanks, Shibu!).

Afterwards, we headed back to Blesson’s house.  The kids played and the adults chatted.  After a while, the kids got comfortable and watched some TV.

Overall a pretty packed weekend.  Burials and Birthdays.. its odd how that works out.

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