Baby Nate’s 1st Birthday!

This past weekend was Nathan’s 1st birthday. Nate is G and Judy’s baby and he’s the first lil one in my crew of friends from the Northside (G-Tribe) that I grew up with.  So it’s a pretty big deal!  They set it up as a carnival theme which was pretty cool.  Judy’s sister Joyce handpainted a photobooth where the kids could pop their heads in and pose for a pic.

Needless to say, we took more advantage of the photobooth then the kids did…  Another fun little thing they had was a cotton candy machine.  It’s just colored sugar and hot air, but it’s the best! .

Later that night we went out to Reef Restaurant in midtown for Dimple’s 30th.  Reef is on the expensive side of things, but the food is pretty good.  Nice little date spot if anyone was wondering.  I sorta ruined the surprise by standing in the front enterence as Dimple arrived while everyone else was at the table waiting with candles, cake and gifts.  What can I say?  I’m I jerk and I like ruining surprise parties!  Not really, I felt sorta bad but she was still surprised by the special guest, Benita!  It was a fun but tiring Saturday.

Sunday after church a few of us went to Cici’s Pizza and it reminded me of why I don’t go to Cici’s Pizza anymore.  “All you can eat” anything should be banned.  I end up having a competition with myself as to how much pizza I can shove in my face during the time I’m there.  Not a very healthy thing to do.

Here are some more shots from Baby Nate’s party:

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