One Crazy Weekend

This past weekend my buddy Aaron Joseph got married to Nancy Varghese.  I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for some time.  It’s always great for my old crew to get together and just kick it… and a wedding is usually the best way to get us all together cause it dedicates an entire weekend to do it!  There was basically functions going on starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday.  These guys really know how to throw down!

Unfortunently, Layla had to have emergency surgery done on Friday.  She’s been vomiting at almost every feeding, so that naturally was a major concern.  On Friday morning, Sheena took her to the doc and he did a quick ultrasound wherein which they found a small blockage below her tummy.  Apparently it’s not common, but it was a very simple surgery.  Luckily all went well and Layla’s back to her normal routine of eating, pooping and sleeping… and looking cute through the whole process! 

With Layla’s surgery being on Friday, she had to stay at least 24 hours in the hospital, which meant Sheena and I stayed at the hospital, which also meant we didn’t sleep at all on Friday night.  Luckily Mom and Dad stayed with us as well, so we all took shifts in comforting Layla when she would cry at night.  Needless to say, it was sad to see Layla have to go through that, but it was for the best and now she’s ready for action.  Her 1 month birthday was on Saturday and we were anticipating for her to only be discharged on Sunday, but by God’s grace, she was taking well to the surgery and eating properly again so they let her go on Saturday.  That was great because now Sheena would be able to come to the wedding reception while our parents watched Layla.

But let me come back to Saturday morning.  I left the hospital around 7am to head to the Northside to be a part of the wedding functions.  I was a little wary about leaving Layla, but since I saw that the surgery went well, and that she started eating again with no problems, I felt comfortable to leave.  Since I missed the rehearsal, I was not aware that we would be standing for 2 hours while the wedding ceremony was going on!  Through this, I learned that I am able to sleep while standing up with my eyes semi-opened!  I was exhausted!  But I got my second wind when the ceremony was finished.  While we were taking pictures at the church, Sheena gave me a call to let me know that Layla was coming home that day so that amped me up a bit more!

So the rest of the evening  was more celebratory for me because my baby was back home, my wife was going to join me at the wedding and my buddy got married!  It was a great time and awesome to be able to celebrate with all of my close friends!

image credit: Jully Joseph

Sunday was a full day of sleep, which was well deserved in my opinion.  I had to run a few errands like get my car from the Northside and drop off my tux, but outside of that, we all just slept.  A family from church came and visited Layla, but that was about it.  A generally lazy Sunday.

Cheers to Aaron and Nancy on getting married!  I’m very happy for y’all and hope y’all have fun in Jamaica!

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