Will You be my Valentine?!

Yesterday was Valentine’s day and more important, it was Sheena’s Birthday too!  Since it’s a 2 for 1 deal for me, I usually try to set things up where we go out and have a nice meal and just kick it.  This year was a little different since Layla is with us.  Any other occasion, I’d drop her off at my parent’s house and we’d have the entire night to ourselves, but they’re in India right now, so that was outta the picture.  Also, last year’s dining experience was pretty horrible, so I wasn’t really looking forward to dealing with something like that again.

Layla and I decided to scoop up some cupcakes and cake pops from The Sweet Boutique in Sugarland Town Center and surprise Sheena at work.  For dinner we decided to have a nice meal at the house.

Steak and spinach

Thanks to Alton Brown’s cooking method, I didn’t over cook the steaks!

Today is Layla’s 5 month birthday!  I’ve taken the entire week off to chill with her.  Kinda like a Daddy/Daughter Week.  It’s been a blast!  She’s already doing so much.  Not really crawling yet, but she’s moving around by doing what looks like the “worm” and of course just rolling.  She’s real good throughout the day.  She usually take enough naps and plays with her toys by herself to allow me to get a little work done (even though I “took off” from work, I’m still working from home!).  Sometimes while I’m working she makes dinosaur noises.  It’s hilarious!

To my ladies:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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