A Trip to Whole Foods

Sheena and I randomly go to Whole Foods Supermarket as a mini date.  I’m a loser now and that is what I consider a date, so don’t judge me!  Last night we made the trip and Layla came along for the ride as well.  It’s kinda cool to walk around that store because they have such a huge selection of random things.  Things you won’t find at our usual HEB.

I’ve always had this idea of making an Indian version of a burrito.  You could use Naan or Chapati as the “tortilla” and fill it up with delicious Chicken or Beef curry.  I think they have shops that do that in NYC, and I think it’s becoming more popular down here at well (check out Bombay Pizza).  With these restaurants selling these items, I’ve realized that I’m not the only person thinking of this, but as I walked down the frozen food isle at Whole Foods, I saw this:

After seeing this a part of me died.  I was sitting on an idea that someone else capitalized on!  But the other part of me was happy to see someone actually making it happen.

On a brighter note, I also saw this:

Since my daughter’s name is Layla, I had to buy a few, right?  right…

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