Weekend Review [Jan. 10th 2014]

We had a pretty relaxed weekend.  Friday we hung out with some good friends.  Saturday we didn’t really have anything planned, so I was able to work on a project that I’ve been working on forever (blog to follow if I ever get it done!).  Mid-morning, Earl and Maya came over and hung out for a bit.IMG_1865Layla was into the hug, but Maya was a lil skeptical.

Sunday we “secretly” planned a surprise birthday ambush for Pokie.  I put secret in quotes because it was basically planned publicly on Facebook, but since Pokie isn’t on Facebook, it didn’t matter!  As per my last blog, a lot of people felt bad that they didn’t wish Pokie a happy birthday, so Merin suggested that we actually do something for him.  I personally thought writing the blog was enough, but apparently I was wrong.  After church a few of us got together and surprised Pokie with a bday cake and some hang time.IMG_1868 IMG_1869 IMG_1870Here’s another shot of the bday boy, slim Pokie:IMG_1867Unfortunately Julie was at work, but hopefully Pokie left some cake for her to enjoy!

On another note, I’m on this journey to get my garage cleaned out so that I could park my car in there.  In that effort, I created a make-shift shed for some of my stuff.  I had some old pavers, so I laid those out as a base.  I tried my best to dig the ground a bit to make it level, but since it was a temporary fix, I really didn’t put too much effort.IMG_1843 There was an old stump in the ground, so I worked around it.IMG_1845 Then with my ghetto fabulous mind, I decided to us a tarp to cover my gear.  Again, it’s only temporary.  I nailed down one end to the fence rail.IMG_1846 The bottom side of the tarp is pinned down with some bricks.  IMG_1847It’s not the best cover in the world, but it’ll work for now.  If someone farts in that general direction, the tarp will blow over, so I put down some additional reinforcements.  Hopefully I wont let this go on for too long and finally build a shed.

Layla and I have recently been playing hide and seek.  She’s really into it, but doesn’t really grasp the concept.  Here’s a shot of her hiding:IMG_1851I think the concept is that if she doesn’t see me, that I won’t see her.  I explained to her that she was supposed to hide where it’ll be hard for me to find her.  Here’s her next attempt:hiding laylaA lot better, but still got a little more work to do.

I know the blog title is “weekend review”, but this all happened over a few weeks.  Just trying to catch up on things!

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