Weekend Review [Jan 31st, 2015]

Hi all!  The weekend was pretty relaxing for us.  Sheena did a last minute reservation to Painting with a Twist on Friday night.  Shane (Sheena’s brother) came over to watch the kids and we had a quick date night.




There was a total of 2 guys there, including myself, so I felt a bit out of place…. but it turned out the be pretty fun.  The next day, we basically chilled at the house all day.  We had a chance to clean up around the house a bit and hang some pics up on the wall.  Layla needed something to do, so running along the theme of painting, Sheena created a painting day for her.


Sheena jumped in on the painting fun.


Later that night we had dinner at our favorite burger joint, Guru Burger.  I’m trying to slim down, so I had a bunless burger.  Although it looks sad, trust me, it’s very good!


My diet didn’t stop Sheena or Layla from order the most tempting, carb-filled burger and fries!


Here’s a shot of Layla rubbing it in my face on how delicious her burger is!


After dinner we headed to Earl and Asha’s house to just hang out.  Layla’s been wanting to play with Maya all day, so it was a great way to top off our evening.  The next day was Super Bowl Sunday.  We went to church and did our grocery shopping for the week (as usual).  The weather was soo awesome, that we decided to go to the neighborhood park.


After the park we walked around the neighborhood for a bit, then made our way back home.  I’m not a huge sports fan, but since it was the Super Bowl, I had it on.  Here’s a shot of Ezzy and I enjoying the game.


Sheena and her mom went shopping, so I had the kids with me.  Nothing too crazy at all.  I’m not a big fan of unproductive weekends, but this one was just right.  It was nice to just be with the family and basically do nothing.

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