Weekend Review [2/14/2015]

This is sort of a week/weekend review.  Earlier in the week, my folks finally came back from India after being there for about 3 months.  The kids were super excited to see them!


They bought a bunch of goodies for the kids, which of course they love!  Saturday was Valentines Day, but more importantly, it was Sheena’s Birthday!  We had lunch with Mom and Shane, then came to my parent’s house for tea and cake.  Here’s the birthday girl cutting up her own cake.


Like I said, Valentines Day is Sheena’s birthday, so I made plans for us to go to a Murder Mystery at Constellation Field in Sugar Land, TX.  Actually, Sheena found out about it, and I just booked the tickets.  We really didn’t have any expectations, but it turned out to be pretty fun!  You sit at an assigned table with random strangers and lurking in the mix of people is a “killer”.  Throughout the night you’re basically mingling with people to gain any type of clue to figure out who the killer is.


There was an “officer” that sorta laid out whatever clues are found to help guide us to the right culprit.  He would call out random people making statements about each person.  Oddly enough, he even called me out!  It was pretty cool to be called out, but then I’m sure people suspected me to be the killer after that happened.


Here’s a shot of me and my hot date.



After it was all done, I was surprised on who it was.  There were so many random couples there that you couldn’t help but profile people.  This one dude looked straight up like an old-school Italian gangster and I thought he was for sure one of the actors.  I even went up to him to ask questions.  After my questioning, I was convinced he was the killer!  Turns out, he was just a guest as well!

Overall, it was a fun time.  It’d be great to hold and event like this among friends!  If anyone is interested, let me know and we’ll set something up!

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