Field Trip! Downtown Aquarium

Layla’s class planned a trip to the Downtown Aquarium.  Sheena and I decided to take the day off, bring Ezzy along and join Layla on her field trip.  It turned out the be a pretty nice day!  Layla was super excited to see her friends outside of school.


Sheena and I came in with this thought that the Aquarium was blocked out just for Layla’s school.  We were very wrong.  Bus loads of kids from various school were everywhere!




Once we got inside, it was pretty nice!  There were huge tanks of fish everywhere.


They also had a white tiger.


Here’s a shot of him taking a sip of water.


There was a stingray exhibit as well.  You’re allowed to pet them!



family aquarium

After checking out the exhibits, we headed upstairs to the restaurant section of the building.



The center of the dining area was a large fish tank.  Pretty cool view of things while you eat!


Although the atmosphere and service was pretty great, the food wasn’t all that.

It was fun to spend the day with the family in the middle of the week.  I don’t know why, but something about not going to work and enjoying the day is just special!

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