Memorial Day Weekend Review

This past weekend was surprisingly longer than expected.  Saturday, Sheena and I took the kids to get their hair cut.  This was Ezzy’s first!

why pictures

The stylists at Snip-Itz were fast.  They were able to get both kids at the same time.


stop pictures

Ezzy was a little indifferent about getting a hair cut.  Layla was waaay more excited about it.



I thought it was hilarious to see Ezzy get edged up.  He did really well.


Here’s a before and after.  He looks like a big boy now!  It’s cute, but I’m not ready for him to grow up this fast!

Ezzy hair before after

Layla just got a trim, so it’s hard to tell a major difference, but she loves her new cut (and the lollipop she got afterwards)!  You can’t tell in the picture, but they sprayed some glitter in her hair as well.


Afterwards, we strolled around Whole Foods (since it was next door) and then we headed to the Farmers Market.  It was a leisurely morning so we just took our time and then headed home.


Blesson and Jolly invited us over for lunch, so we headed over.  Gumbo was on the menu.


According to Jolly, Blesson cooked everything up.  He’s always been a good cook, so it was no surprise that everything was delicious.

We hung out a bit longer and then headed home.  Again, we had no major plans, so we just kicked it for the rest of the day.  Throughout the rest of the weekend, we visited Sheena’s mom in Pearland and did some shopping.  Nothing too crazy.  On Monday night, we had a huge storm pass over Houston.  It actually caused major flooding affecting a large part of Houston.  This forced us to have an extra day off.  Oddly enough, were we live, it was sunshine and relatively dry roads.  So it was weird to be home because of flooding when we looked outside and it simply looked like a heavy rain.  When we turned on the news, it was very evident that major flooding had occurred.  Lots of Houston roads were underwater and many people were affected by it.  Its Wednesday now and everything seems to be better, but there are still high water spots across town.

Hopefully the people affected by the flooding are doing OK.  The last time our city was hit like this was back in June of 2001 with tropical storm Allison.  Cars got flooded in and stranded on the road, people were trapped in various places because of high water, homes were ruined… all of the same things that happened this past weekend.  Not a fun time for the city, but as the waters subside, things will slowly get back to normal.

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