Weekend Review [June 27th 2015]

This weekend was pretty relaxing.  Saturday we had some friends come over for brunch.  Everyone brought a dish.


While we were getting ready, we were just hanging out in the kitchen, chatting.  All of a sudden, Ezzy drives up in Layla’s 4 Wheeler!  It was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen!  The dude doesn’t even walk yet, but he cruises in on a 4 Wheeler!  I’m assuming it was accidental, but he apparently got on himself, somehow managed to hit the button to make it go, turn the handle bars to curve into the kitchen, then crash into the chair… all with a straight face!  I laugh just thinking about it.  HILARIOUS!


Layla and Maya were cute as usual.


It was fun just to casually have our friends over for a meal.  Priya, Gia and Ezzy sat at the table with us while Maya and Layla played up stairs.



After brunch we all played a few board games and just hung out.  Eventually people had to go on with their day, so Sheena, the kids and I went for a walk.


…then we jumped in the car to grab some fro-yo


Saturday evening I went to our friend’s housewarming.  Jobbins and Teena purchased a beautiful home near us and hosted a pretty awesome party.  It was a casino night theme.  I wasn’t able to take many pics of the night, but here’s one of everyone singing happy birthday to Tracey (Teena’s lil sis).


And here’s a pic of our gracious hosts


I was really impressed with their home!  Great layout, awesome location, beautiful finishing touches…. they don’t know it yet, but I’ll be moving in with them next week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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