Weekend Review [Sept. 19th, 2015]

This weekend was fun.  Saturday we had to divide and conquer.  Sheena took Ezzy to her Mom’s house (he was a bit under the weather).  Sheena participated in an HYPF discussion forum.  The general topic was the status of the Indian Church and the discussion was about what the 3rd Culture (meaning the children of immigrant parents) would like to see out of the Indian Church.  Based on what Sheena described to me, it turned out to be really great!  I was bummed I missed it, but like I said, we had to divide and conquer.  While she was enjoying some intellectual discussion, I took Layla to Elijah’s 5th Birthday party!


Before Layla and I left, we had to wrap up Elijah’s gift.  I wanted to drop it in a bag and call it a day, but Layla insisted on wrapping it.  I guess its funner for kids to wrap a gift than to simply drop it in a bag.  Sheena is really great a wrapping gifts.  I am not so great at it… I mean, in the picture below, it looks semi-decent.. but if you saw it in real life you’d notice the patch work style job I did on it.


We made the short drive to North Richmond.  Once we pulled up to the ranch, Layla was dragging me out of the car to get into the action!

play time

The whole party was pretty awesome.  They had a train ride.


Layla and I rode in the stage coach first.


(photo credit to Marsha Varghese)

And then we jumped on the open train car!


Then it was time for grub!


I went to grab a drink and ran into Kermit the Frog!  He was just chilling.


After eating, there was a lot of opportunity to play on the grounds.  Here are some shots from the party.






There was a working barn where you could get up close and personal with the animals!




There was even a chance to ride the ponies!

Pony ride

Then it was time for cake!  And the cake was huge!


and delicious!


Towards the end of the party, Cowboy Mike turned into Magic Cowboy Mike and did some tricks for the kids

Majic Mike

I think if you pay a little extra, Magic Cowboy Mike will turn into Magic Mike for the ladies… but that’s for another blog…  During the magic show Layla started to get tired, but she would never admit it.


After the party was over, Layla passed out on the car ride home.  We rested up a bit, then we made our way to my brother’s house for dinner.  Jolly invited a bunch of her cousins over for dinner, so we were lucky enough to join in on the fun!

New Orleans Dinner

Sunday, before church, Layla and I worked on the Minion Puzzle Tim and Jess gifted to Layla for her birthday.  We finally finished it!


Sunday after church we did our usual HEB shopping run.  The kids enjoyed the race car shopping cart.


For lunch we went back to Blesson’s house to get some more of the delicious food they had from the night before.. mmm… gumbo….  When we got home, we still wanted to be out and about, so for dinner, we headed to town square and ate a Jupiter.

dinner at Jupiter

It was a pretty packed weekend, but very fun!

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