Make Room – book release!

Dr. Jeff Rees, the campus pastor at our church, just launch a new book!  It’s called Make Room for Happiness & Intimacy.  I’m super excited for him because this is a pretty big deal!  Plus he’s a really cool guy too, so I like supporting good people doing cool things.  We got our copy last night at the book release.


At the book release, Jeff spoke a little about the book and how it came to be.


In his explanation, he mentioned that although he’s a pastor, he didn’t make this book very “church-y”.  I love that.  I have a lot of friends that aren’t Christian so it’s nice to be able to share something with them that’s based on biblical principals, but doesn’t beat you over the head with the idea that you must be a Christian to understand these principals.

The book revolves around the topic of pre-marital counseling, but it’s meant to be read for singles aspiring to be in a relationship, couples that are about to get married and for those that are already married.  I know that covers a large group of people, but in his talk, it made sense.  Although those 3 stages in life are very different, the underlining theme is identifying what you want to see in your relationship and being able to communicate that.  At the very least, it allows for you to think about these things and start a conversation about what really matters when it comes to being in a relationship.

I’m excited to read it.  It would be even cooler if others (that means you) read it as well so we can discuss things!  If you know me, I don’t really read for leisure, but this book is not intimidating and in my process of thumbing through it, seems that it would be an easy read!

If you’re interested, click the link above to go to their website and order a book!  Or just holler at me and I’ll get a copy for ya!

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