Cyber Bullies

I’m a pretty confident guy.  There’s not much that gets to me…  Also, I’m pretty relaxed as well, so I guess that helps in the realm of being bullied, because frankly, I don’t care about other people’s negative opinions about me.  That’s why this next line was so surprising to me….

Yesterday, I got cyber bullied.

You may remember Late Lisa and No Hugs Sherene.


These two jerks put together a little video on Youtube.  I thought it was pretty funny, so I congratulated them on putting it together.  In that conversation, they proceeded to insult me and my blog in an effort to force me to share that Youtube video with you guys… I mean the things they said where pretty horrible.  I don’t want to repeat it verbatim, but they insinuated that you guys cared enough to read my “useless” blogs about getting a lawn mower fixed (btw, it was an edger that got fixed), that you guys would probably think their video was funny too….

As I said before, I have thick skin, so I let it slide.  Then the harassment starts with a late night text stating how many views their video got.  I got sleeping kids!  Do I care about how many views you got?!  NO!  I care about my kids staying asleep!  GOSH!

With all that said, click on the link below if you wanna see these two jerks in action.


I hope this will stop the bullying and harassment…

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