Automating your Savings!

I was/am in the process of writing an ebook.  I dunno why.  I just wanted to give it a try.  I let my friend Stan George read it just to get his take on things and he specifically liked an info-graphic I created for that ebook.  He mentioned that he thought it was helpful.  Lets face it, the ebook may never see the light of day…. or should I say the glow of a screen, but if this info-graphic was helpful, I figured I could share it via this blog!

Just as a preface, I’m no financial guru and by no means am I ballin outta control, so you may find this ridiculous, which is totally fine.  This system simply works for me and my family so I just wanted to share, in the off chance that it may help someone else.

finance 1 finance 2 finance 3

The percentages are what we use, but you can really adjust them to fit your life.  The real “take away” is to simply build a system that allows you to not think about saving and let it happen automatically.  This also teaches you the importance of budgeting.  If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment or holla at me personally.  Again, I’m no expert, but I just like talking about this kinda stuff.

Hope you find it helpful!

6 Replies to “Automating your Savings!”

  1. I actually searched your blog for this article. I enjoyed it back then and today. Very good advice.


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