Weekend Review [Oct. 3rd, 2015]

This weekend was full, but fun. Friday, Shane came over and hung out with the kids. He bought Layla a painting set, so they broke it in.

Layla wanted hang it up on the front door so everyone could see it when they come in…


After they painted, they played on the slide.


slide push

Saturday morning, Blesson and Brucey came over with some donuts.


Then Sheena took the kids to our cousin Kasey’s baby shower.  Bless, Bruce and I kicked it for a bit, then we headed out to the shower as well.  We didn’t want to crash the baby shower, but Wes was there and Sherry came in from D.C., so we wanted to see them.  Like typical Indians, we lingered there well after the party was done.  Our friends Tik and Silky were there as well (Tik only came afterwards to scoop up Silky and Rayna), so it was cool just to hang out for a bit.  Here’s a pic of Priya holding Layla holding Sweety Pie (her doll) at the shower.

priya layla

Later that evening, we went to Siju and Sheena’s housewarming party.  They moved into an amazing house!  I didn’t get to snap many pictures of it, but trust me, it’s amazing!  They had some really awesome food as well.  Layla is conveying her smile via the naan in her hand.


While there I got to talk to a few people.  In particular Shine (Sheena’s sis) and Grace.  Both of which admitted to reading the blog but refused to be in it!  The best pic I could snap is this one of them running away from the camera… ouch, my ego hurts…


Sunday we after church we went to Italy and snapped a pic in front of the leaning tower of Pisa.


Actually, we went to HEB… but I always say we go to HEB after church, so I thought I’d change it up a bit.

Here’s Layla showing off her Goya Peach flavored coconut milk.  Ezzy is examining the box of pasta we bought in Italy and Sheena’s considering buying some baby food.


If you’re curious to know, Layla did not enjoy the drink, Ezzy approved the pasta and Sheena passed on the baby food (Ezzy’s totally over baby foods now!).  After that, we met with Blesson, Jolly and Brucey at our parent’s house and all had lunch together.  Its nice when we can do that every once in a while.  After lunch, Sheena and I (along with the kiddos), enjoyed the weather by going to the HYPF Volleyball tournament at the Stafford Courts.  It was great to just be outside and soak up the cool air!  The turnout for that event was pretty impressive.  The new leadership is doing some big things!

Hope everyone got to enjoy the awesome weather over the weekend!

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