Mom’s Birthday Weekend!

Today is Mom’s birthday, but we celebrated over the weekend.


But before I get into that, let me start with Friday.  Second Mile holds a banquet every year around this time to raise funds for their operations.  It begins with a silent auction with appetizers.


This year we invited Dudley and Betsey to join us along with Sheena’s brother Shane.


We also sponsored a table this year as well.



During the event, a board member speaks on the great things that Second Mile does for the Fort Bend community and we have a delicious dinner while that goes on.


During the dinner, we find out if we won the items we bid on.


I got a Weber Grill and gift cards to a few spots.  Shane got an autographed/framed photo of Earl Campbell and Dudley pulled the newly-wed move and bought flowers for Betsey.  Afterwards, Dudley, Betsey and Shane came over just to kick it for a bit.  Good times!

Saturday afternoon, we went to Churrasco’s and had the brunch buffet to celebrate Mom’s Birthday.




The food was awesome!  Mom had a great time too!

Later that day we headed to Pearland for our friend’s house warming party.  Nobel and Jomy purchased an awesome home and did an amazing job decorating it!  It was soo amazing that we headed straight to Home Goods to try and find stuff to decorate our home too!


We ended up not buying anything, but their house was soooo well done!  It really encourages me to get on it!

On Sunday after church, we went to HEB.  This time, Layla got a mini cart and did some shopping of her own.


After HEB, we rushed home and cooked up some brussel sprouts to bring to our church picnic.  We thought we would be slick.  Go to the first service (as usual), go to HEB (as usual), go home and cook what we needed to bring and make it back in time to the picnic.  WRONG.  By the time we got there, a lot of the food was done and people were slowly leaving… haha.. it’s all good, but good for us to know in the future!  Even still, it was a good time!


A busy weekend!  But a good one!

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