Mother’s Day 2016!

This weekend, we celebrated Mother’s Day.

Sheena HMD

Saturday morning, Sheena had to go to work, so the kids and I hung around the house.  We went to the park while Sheena was gone, but when she got back, we pulled out the inflatable pool and the kids had a great time.


The weather was so nice, that we headed to Sugar Land Town Square for dinner (at Jupiter) and then just hung out in the square for a bit.


Sunday morning, we went to church.  This was chalked on the floor outside.


The high-schoolers passed out flowers to all the mothers after service.  It was a really nice gesture.  After church we did our usual run to HEB, but then we got home and prepped for our Mother’s Day lunch.  To make it easy, Blesson, Shane and I just ordered BBQ from Old Hickory.


I didn’t take too many pics, because I was too busy stuffing my face with the BBQ!  Here’s a shot of the desserts:

HMD desserts

I was planning to snap some pics of all the Moms but I forgot… but y’all can enjoy some old school pics of our moms!  Here’s Sheena and her Mom:


And here’s Blesson and Me with our Mom!


They’re great!  Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

After lunch we hung out for a bit, but wanted to get out of the house to try and enjoy the weather a bit more.  We randomly thought to holla at our friends Jobbins and Teena to see if they were taking visitors… Luckily, they were!  Jobbins and Teena have a gorgeous house.  They were nice enough to cook up dinner as well!  Steaks!


While Jobbins was cooking it up, the rest of us kicked it in the backyard.

chalk art

Layla and Teena drew a cloud/rainbow


Ezzy was in love with their dog Riley.  He’s such a great dog!


Earl, Asha, Maya and Priya joined us as well.  After dinner Jobbins brought out the sparklers.


The girls loved it!


It also happened to be Maya’s birthday!

Maya bday

Overall a pretty great weekend!

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