Snow-cone Tour 2016 – Refresqueria

You might recall a post I made about Mam’s Snoballs.  That post lead a reader to recommend another spot on my side of town.  Refresqueria on 5th Street in Stafford, TX.


It’s a small shack on 5th Street.  I ordered a small Clear Coconut snow-cone and Layla ordered a small Rainbow snow-cone.  Sheena ordered a Aguas Frescas.  Ezzy shared with all of us.



I was skeptical about it.  After having Mam’s, I thought it’s be hard to beat.  We were all pleasantly surprised!  It was awesome!


Mam’s is still better due to a finer texture of ice and topping options, but this place is really great!  Especially since it’s just down the road from me, I’ll definitely be coming back here for my snow-cone fix!  Summer is already hitting hard in Houston, so I think they’ll be getting a good amount of business from me!

I can’t believe I was eating that other crap I called snow-cones.  That stuff is basically hard ice with a drop of kool-aide juice compared to Mam’s and Refresqueria!  Over the summer y’all should totally check these places out!

2 Replies to “Snow-cone Tour 2016 – Refresqueria”

    1. A whole other dimension?! Wowza! I guess that’s gotta be on my list now! haha… thanks for sharing! Looking at the site, it looks similar to Hippo Ice, which is pretty good too!


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