Sarath & Sharon’s Wedding Weekend!

This weekend I had to pleasure of MCing Sarath & Sharon wedding reception with Jane Jacob!


But let me start with Friday.  It was pretty laid back.  After getting back from work and doing a quick meeting with Alphi and Jane for the wedding, the fam and I went to Guru Burger for dinner.



It was awesome!  The next morning we got up and started getting ready for the big wedding.  The day went pretty smoothly!



Alphi did a pretty solid job as the wedding coordinator!


Here’s a shot of the couple after they’ve just walked down the isle.  All smiles!


After the ceremony was over, we made our way to the reception hall.  Here’s a few shots of the afternoon.


The bridal party was ready to make their grand enterance!


The couple changed into their indian outfits as well.


The room was packed!


Jake with the Raju sisters


Here’s a shot of the Raju sister (well, I guess they’re not Raju’s anymore) along with Jane and I!  Jane did an awesome job as MC!


After the wedding was done, we chilled at home for a bit.  Ashely, Justin and Shane came over to kick it.  The kids and Ashley did a puppet show for us.



On Sunday, we did our regular routine of church and HEB.  We headed back to church for a special meeting they had as well.  Later on Sunday evening we had our friends Lovely, Isabella and Ryan come over to just hang out.  They were sweet to bring homemade cookies and donut holes!


The kids loved playing with Isabella and Ryan and we had a great time chatting with Lovely!


Overall, a pretty great weekend!

A big congrats to Sarath and Sharon on their wedding day!  Thanks for letting me be a part of it! #royhirrim

By the way, I totally forgot to explain what the hashtag was.  Sharon is a huge Lord of the Rings fan and royhirrim is a reference to the movies!

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