Weekend Review [July 23rd, 2016]

This weekend was surprising because we didn’t really have any plans that tied us up all weekend.  We’re so used to having back to back plans over the weekend, that it’s oddly refreshing to have a “free” weekend.

On Friday, we headed to Shelby and Sharon’s house after work for a small gathering.  It’s kinda like the old school prayer meeting styled gatherings that we used to be a part of when we were younger.  It was really great!  All the kids got to play together…


It was potluck styled, so everyone got to hang for a bit…




And Dudley, Sheena and I got to re-create this old pic!

loser prom

Good times!

Saturday morning, we just hung out around the house.



On the recommendation of a friend, I made a visit to The Baker House…. home of the maple bacon doughnut!


It was sooo good.  After breakfast, we went to the Fort Bend Animal Shelter to take a peek at a few dogs… it’s been evident that Ezzy really likes puppies and Layla like’s ’em too, but just needs time to warm up to ’em.  Read more about it here.  We’re not 100% ready for a dog, but we’re getting there.


On the way back home, we stopped by Costco…. for no reason at all!  We had some free time, so we figured we’d walk around a bit.  Turned out to be lunch time, so we picked up some grub.  The kids had pizza and Sheena and I had hotdogs…




Here’s a vid of Ezzy enjoying his pizza!

Later that afternoon, we headed to the 3rd Ward to visit our friend Lisa.  Layla baked a heart shaped biscuit for her.


After coming home, we just kicked it for the rest of the day.  Sunday was our usual of going to church and then HEB.

Again, its odd not to have plans, but great when a weekend like that does happen.

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