Weekend Review [July 30th, 2016]

This weekend review actually started on a Thursday. Kasey set up a birthday dinner for Wes at Pass & Provisions.  We went with the Provisions side.


Since we run on Indian Standard Time (IST), of course we were the FIRST ones there!


(see what I did?  IST usually means we’re gonna run really late, but I’m trying to redefine who we are and not put that negative connotation on my people!)

Kasey claims that they were in the parking lot earlier than us, but I don’t believe her.  Here’s a picture of them when they FINALLY showed up (they actually came in seconds after we sat down).


The food was great…


…and the conversation was entertaining.


Kasey’s cousin LuvLuv (aka Jessica) came as well.  (She’s single and Kasey asked me to find her a husband… Don’t tell her I put this out there because LuvLuv probably wouldn’t like this)


After dinner, a part of the group headed out to see a play.  Sheena and I headed to our friends Lisa and Ari’s place for a little gathering/prayer meeting thingy.


It was cool to share our perspectives on what’s been going on in the world lately and to pray for those matters as well.  Also STICKY’S CHICKEN was there too!


We had just eaten dinner, but that didn’t stop us from diving in!  Patsy, the owner of Sticky’s is a friend of Lisa’s and was there as well.  She informed us that the following day (Friday) was National Chicken Wing day and that Fox 26 News asked her to be featured on their news cast!  Exciting!


It was AWESOME!  Find their food truck and get you some of that chicken and rice!  Overall, the crew was a fun bunch to chat with!


Friday after work, Layla was in desperate need to make play-dough.  So I obliged.  Once it was made the kids dove right in.


Layla made a face.  Ezzy did more abstract work.


I also made a face


We basically just chilled the rest of the evening.  Saturday morning, I had to do a quick job at one of the rental properties.  I got an HOA notice about a bare patch of grass.


That spot has been a problem area for a while.  Typically the tenant is to deal with this stuff, but it was an easy fix, so I just knocked it out for them.  I bought some sod  and laid it down.


Since I was already dirty, I figured I’d mow my lawn too.  I only did the front yard, because Sheena’s cousin Stan was coming over to visit.  After I mowed the lawn, but before Stan came over, Layla, Ezzy and I did some crafts.


Stan came around noon and we had lunch together and just kicked it.  We ordered from New India Grocers in Stafford.  The food is on point!  Shane came over as well.  After Stan left, Shane and the kids made cookies.


Here’s a short vid of the cookie making process:

After some more play time, the kids got ready for bed by watching a little TV.


On Sunday, we visited Ecclesia.  It’s always fun to visit that church and the space they use is very inspiring!


After church, we hung out at home for a bit.  Layla, Ezzy and I made a robot.


Our church did an ice cream social to welcome our new campus pastor, so we headed there.  Afterwards, we made the trip to Pearland to visit Sheena’s mom as well.

It was a packed weekend, but I usually enjoy a packed weekend.  Being productive is always nice!

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