Benson & Jenny’s Wedding Weekend

This weekend, we drove up to Oklahoma City to celebrate Benson and Jenny’s wedding!


On Thursday night we headed out to OKC.  Before we left, I was anticipating some shipments.  I was worried that they would be sitting outside the entire weekend while we were gone.  Luckily, they all came in on Thursday!  The first thing I ordered was the Mevo.  It’s a new type of camera that just came out.  Hopefully I can get some good use outta this!



The second thing was just a backpack.  Nothing crazy, but still didn’t want it sitting outside.


OK, back to the weekend.  We left Houston on Thursday night at 10pm.  We did that to let the kids sleep the entire way and for us to also maximize our time in OKC.  Sheena’s got family there so it was nice to just hang for a bit.  I made a little video highlighting the trip.


It was a pretty nice wedding.  Here are some pics from the festivities!







Ps. Michael Mathews did an awesome job doing the message for the wedding!



Check out the cakes!


Here’s Shane and Justin cheesing it up!



Overall, a great wedding.  It was nice seeing some old friends!  We headed back home on Sunday morning.  Nowadays, whenever we go to OKC or Dallas, we stop by the same rest stop because they have a park there for the kids to play a lil bit.  It’s just south of Corsicana.  In Ennis we picked up some lunch.  Everyone ate in the car, but since I was driving, I waited till I got to the park to have a little picnic.


It was a good weekend.  That drive to OKC sucks, but the people are great, so it’s well worth it!

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