Weekend Review [Sept 10th, 2016]

Although Sheena is in India, we communicate like any normal day, via Whatsapp.  So I get updated all the time on what’s going on.  Also, she’s been making mini moves everyday she’s there, so it makes me feel like I’m not missing anything.  With that, she sends pictures of the kiddos from time to time.  Here’s one of ’em:


Super cute, right?!

Friday night, I invited a few friends over to hang and play poker.  We ended up not playing poker, but we did have great conversations (which is better than poker, in my opinion).  I made sliders for the evening.  Here’s how I did it:

This weekend my cousin Tim came into town for a wedding.  The wedding was Saturday evening, so Blesson treated us to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.



We had a late breakfast, but Mom and Dad wanted us to have lunch at their house, so we obliged too.  A lot of eating!  After that, Tim went to the wedding and I continued on a build that I’ve been working on (blog post will come after it’s done).

On Sunday, Rita and Neil had a baby shower, so I met up with Tik and Silky and rode up to the Northside to enjoy that!  I got to hang with these kiddos too, which is great!


I made a quick movie about the baby shower.  Check it out!

After the baby shower, we headed back home.  I met up with some friends to watch to tail end of the Texans game and then went home.

All in all a pretty productive weekend.

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