Weekend Review [Sept. 24th, 2016]

This weekend was the family’s first weekend back from the mothaland!  All 3 of them were a bit jet-lagged, so there were a lot of sleeping in the day and staying up all night sessions.  Just as a disclaimer, I didn’t really stay up all night… so Sheena was a trooper and took care of the kiddos when they would wake up at 2am!  I mean, I would get up and “help”.  By help, I mean stand there and wait for her to tell me to go back to bed.  She’s awesome.  I’m glad they’re back!

Friday after work, I scooped up the kids from my folks and met Sheena at Japanerio’s for sushi.  The kids enjoyed the time in Town Square.


Here’s us at Japaneiro’s.




The Square has a few new art installment.  I guess selfies are all the rage.



The entire weekend was pretty chill.  Saturday morning, I set up a table and chairs and we did some painting:


Ezzy and Layla got creative and started painting with there mouths!


Here’s our finished products:


For lunch we made sliders.


If you’re curious on how we made ’em, I made a movie about it not too long ago.  Check it out here:

For the rest of the day we pretty much hung out at the house.  Sheena and I got away to do some grocery shopping while Shane came over and played with the kids.

Sunday after church we had a little pizza party for Layla at my parent’s house.  Since she turned 5 while in India, we wanted to do something for her here.



While Sheena and the kids were away, I pretty much took those 2 weeks to work on a tree house for the kids.  I didn’t get to finish it, but it was complete enough for them to play on.


More work needs to be done, but I’ll do a separate post about that.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Fall is here and we’re supposed to get a break from the heat (Houstonians), so enjoy the great outdoors!

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