Weekend Review [January 21st, 2017]

My kids started a new Montessori school this week.


They’re cute.  Layla’s a pro since she’s already been to school before.  Ezra needs a little more time to get used to things, but overall, it seems to be working out well!

On Friday, we did our once-a-month Gathering with friends where we eat together and do a quick bible study.  It was good times.  Jerry and Tina hosted this one.




I’m not a great public speaker, but I was asked to speak at this meeting.  Overall it went well, but there’s always room for improvement.

Saturday morning, I was lucky enough to have breakfast with the Koshy brothers!


The rest of Saturday was pretty boring.  We essentially stayed home all day!  With that, we had to get out of the house so we went for a walk around Sugar Land Town Square.



We stopped by Z Gallery (a furniture shop) and checked out some home decor items.  The kids loved all the stuffed bears around the entire store.


For dinner we hit up Guru Burger (the kids like to sit with Sheena on one side while I’m lonely on the other side).



On our way our, we ran into Jobbins and Teena!


Sunday we did our usual.  Went to church, grocery shopping at HEB then we kicked it at the house.  Later in the afternoon we went to Sheena’s mom’s house.  Here’s a pic of the kids.  They love each other!


A pretty chill weekend.  I like to stay busy, but it’s nice to do nothing every once in a while!

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