Weekend Review [Jan 28th, 2017]

This weekend was beautiful! The weather was amazing.  On Friday we headed over to Earl and Asha’s house to kick it.  The kids jumped into their PJ’s so that we could kick it there longer and just go straight to bed once we got home.


Saturday morning, I did a donut run and we had breakfast together.


Then the kids made an obstacle course in the living room.


Then they both had a little work to do on the computer.


For lunch, mom had us over at her house.  Jolly’s mom’s in town so she wanted to have them over for a meal.  Dean (my newest nephew) loves me.  You can tell by the way he’s looking at me!


Here’s the spread.  It was great!


The kids enjoy eating together.


Ezzy and Blesson were trying to take a selfie…


… but the others wanted in as well.  Turned out pretty great!


Deans looking at me to grab him… because, again, he loves me.



Here’s what things would look like if Blesson and Shane got married.


Saturday evening Shane came over to watch the kids while I joined Sheena at a work event at Fluor Daniel.  It was pretty fun!  Check out the video I made of it:

On Sunday we did our usual of going to church and then HEB.  We invited Pastor Malcolm and Stacy over for lunch as well.  The kids stayed occupied making art and watching TV.


We ordered Kerala food from Grand India Kitchen.  It was pretty good!  And the Marshall’s did well with it too!


Overall a pretty fun weekend!  I wish I spend more time outside, but it was all good none the less!

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