Weekend Review [April 8th, 2017]

This weekend turned out to be pretty busy.  Here’s some random pics from the week… like when the kids joined me to get an oil change.  The only reason they’re willing to come is the free popcorn!

Then there’s the time we made pizza at home.

Layla approves.

Friday, Sheena had her work banquet.  Here’s a video from that night.

On Saturday morning, I worked on a project but that afternoon, Mom and Dad invited us over for some BBQ lunch.

It turned into a whole day of family fun.  Bubbles, kites, playgrounds….  Check out the video.

We ended the night with dinner at Guru Burger.

With the busy-ness of Friday and Saturday, Sheena and the kids took a nap on Sunday (after Church and HEB, of course).

Overall a great weekend.  The weather was awesome, so it was great to have a chance to just be outside for a bit.

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