Ezra’s 3rd Birthday!

Today my baby boy turns 3! It’s all happening too fast!  Let me do a quick recap of the weekend, then I’ll get into his party.

On Friday, I didn’t bring lunch to work like I usually do.  A friend that’s a manager at Local Foods hooked me up with a free lunch token a few weeks ago so that came in handy!  The food is always good there, but when it’s free, for some reason it tastes much better.

Friday night, Tim and Jess came over to help set up.  Oliver was being super cute.

Saturday morning, Sheena had to work.  The kids and I did some cleaning up around the house and then we headed to the Riverstone park for a meet and greet event for Layla’s new school.  She’ll be starting kindergarten soon, so I figure it’d be nice to at least try and meet some new peeps.  We ended up just playing at the park.

When Sheena got back from work, the kids and her started with all the baking.  We ordered a cake for the party, but Sheena likes baking her own cake for birthdays (its kind of a tradition), so we had a ton of cake.

Turned out pretty good!

They also made Paw Patrol dog bone cookies too!

Here’s the cake we ordered from HEB.  Wasn’t as decorative as we had hoped but it still tasted pretty good!

On Sunday after church, we did some last minute clean up and people started trickling in.

Here’s the birthday boy blowing out the candles!

We had a magician/face painter come out as well.

Here’s Andy being a good sport with one of the magic acts!

After people left, Ezzy started opening up his gifts.

Here’s a quick video of the whole party:


Overall, Ezzy had a great time!  We’re so happy for all that came out to help us celebrate our lil boy!  He’s the best!

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